Myth 1: Black garlic has 10 times the antioxidant capacity of raw garlic.

You may come across health and nutrition claims printed on leaflets or websites. Claims can be misleading. Black garlic products are not made equal. The fermentation process affects the nutrient composition of black garlic, and no two brands of black garlic are alike. If a claim is derived from a published research paper, the samples used in that research are unlikely to be that of the brand in question. Food Regulations forbid false or misleading statements. If a claim is not on the packaging or food label, it is unlikely to be supported by data.

Myth 2: Expensive black garlic is of better quality.

This preys on consumer psychology. Your brain knows the price and your brain can change its perception so that you do not look stupid paying more and getting less. This is cognitive dissonance.

Black garlic derives its benefits from the significant increase in antioxidants and amino acids, a result of fermentation. Taste asides, you are paying for these benefits. Read the food label before you buy. If there is no label, do not be fooled by its expensive price tag.

Myth 3: There is fake black garlic in the market.

The only way to achieve the texture and taste of black garlic is through the process of fermentation. There is no such thing as fake black garlic. There is such thing as different quality of black garlic.

Myth 4: Longer fermentation makes higher quality black garlic

A thirty day fermentation process is sufficient to turn raw garlic to black garlic. There is no published data to support claims that longer fermentation periods of 60 to 90 days produce better quality black garlic. Longer fermentation means higher cost of production. Marketers may use this claim to justify the higher prices they put on their products.

Myth 5: Only black garlic has all the essential amino acids our body needs.

Our body uses 22 standard amino acids to make the different proteins we must have to stay healthy. Of the 22 amino acids, there are 8 that are essential for human nutrition, and these must be supplied as part of the diet. Raw garlic has all the essential amino acids too. The difference is that black garlic contains much higher amount of each, it is much more palatable and it does not have the pungent sharpness and odor of raw garlic.


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